QR Code Generation & Design SDK

Generate designer static QR Codes in your payments, ticketing or any other information system or mobile app using our SDK

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Why Scanova?

Scanova's SDK is a powerful toolbox that helps developers generate highly attractive and branded QR Codes in their application

Scanova QR Code

  • Personalize QR Code design with brand colors and logo

  • Edit color and pattern of QR Code elements

  • Add image in the centre

  • REST based calls to create QR Codes

  • High scannability and compatibility with all QR Code readers

  • Documentation including basics of QR Code, installation instructions, API Documentation, and best practices

  • Render QR Code image (PNG) in any size (pixels)

  • Lifetime worldwide license and 6 month support

Standard QR Code

  • Basic black and white design

  • Easily mistaken for barcode by consumers

  • Black and white design is a mismatch with brand aesthetics

  • Limited or no redesigning capability

  • Not visually appealing

  • Unaided installation and execution of SDK

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to the most popular questions

What is SDK and how is it different from API?

SDK is a software package that can be integrated directly into other information systems and applications to generate custom-designed Static QR Codes. Using SDK, API calls can be made locally, allowing you to generate QR Codes at a much faster rate. Also, this removes any dependency on us like limit on API calls, network delays, etc. Click here to know more.

What is the pricing of SDK?

Scanova offers SDK on a lifetime licensing basis for a one-time fee. The pricing includes support and maintenance for 6 months.
Click here to know more.

What are the prerequisites for installing the SDK on my server?

The pre-requisites for installing the SDK are: Node.js (version 10 or 10+) and SDK dependencies. A detailed documentation to help with the installation process will be shared.

Can SDK be integrated with my mobile application directly?

The SDK is written in node and that's why it can't be integrated to a mobile application directly. However, you can host or integrate the SDK on a server and use its API endpoints to make a call from the mobile application.

How can I test the SDK?

The SDK Package is equivalent to Scanova's Web API in terms of capabilities. So, you can test the SDK by signing-up for a Free Trial of our API using this link

Will I get assistance in installing the SDK?

The instructions for integration of SDK to your system will be mentioned in a detailed documentation that'll be shared with you. Additionally, technical support will also be provided during integration (if needed) via email/phone.

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